Happy Birthday - “Subliminal Message” / “Girls FM” / “Too Shy” [MP3's]

Happy Birthday foi formado por Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, (principal compositor, vocal, guitarra), que chamou seus amigos Chris Weisman (guitarra, baixo, vocal) e Garbus Ruth (bateria, vocal), em sua cidade natal Brattleboro, Vermont. Eles estão lançando seu debut, Happy Birthday, via Sub Pop. O resultado são belas canções pop com forte acento indie e as deliciosas jóias “Subliminal Message”, “Girls FM” e “Too Shy” são a prova disso.

MP3: Happy Birthday - “Subliminal Message”

MP3: Happy Birthday - “Girls FM”

MP3: Happy Birthday - “Too Shy”

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Released: March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday is Kyle Thomas (aka King Tuff), Chris Weisman, and Ruth Garbus. They formed in November 2008 to play one show at the punk-space “Tinderbox”(RIP), in their hometown Brattleboro, Vermont. Kyle needed a band to play his new pop songs because he was too scared to play by himself. They enjoyed playing with eachother so much that they decided to keep doing it.

Kyle sings and plays lead guitar. The songs are mostly his, but the band arranges and finishes them together. He is also a painter and drawer and loves top 40, shoes, texting, comic books, etc. Ruth Garbus plays drums and sings. She also makes her own music and art. Chris Weisman plays “inverted-tuning” guitar, bass, and sings. He makes 4-track songs, enjoys reading and writing, and is a guitar teacher.


Girls FM
2 Shy
Perverted Girl
Subliminal Message
Eyes Music
Maxine the Teenage Eskimo
I Want to Stay (I Run Away)
Pink Strawberry Shake

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