Depeche Mode - The Remixed Vault (2000)

Depeche Mode em Magamix's muito bem estruturados e que evitam o lugar-comum que geralmente se faz e se ouve por aí. Divirta-se!

1: Sweetest Pleasure Tonight (35:26) [32 Mb] Mixed 1/3 2000
Pleasure, Little Treasure [Glitter Mix]
Master & Servant [Slavery Whip Mix/An ON-USound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic]
Behind the Wheel/Route 66 [Megamix]
Sweetest Perfection [Album Version]
Dressed in Black [Album Version]
But Not Tonight [Extended Remix/Extended Mix]
Get the Balance Right! [Combination Mix/Original Mix]
Told You So [Album Version]
Just Can't Get Enough [Live/Schizo Mix]
Here Is the House [Album Version]

2: Fools Work Hard (38:12) [35 Mb] Mixed 29/2 2000
Strangelove [Highjack Remix/Blind Mix]
Fools [Bigger]Nodisco [Album Version]
Flexible [Remixed Extended Version]
(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me [Release Mix]
It's Called a Heart [Extended/Emotion Remix]
A Question of Time [Extended Remix/New Town Mix]
Work Hard [East End Remix]
See You [Extended Version/Live]

3: New Disease Rumours (35:10) [32 Mb] Mixed 28/2 2000
Blasphemous Rumours [Live/Album Version]
Shout! [Rio Mix]
Leave in Silence [Longer/Album Version]
Shake the Disease [Remixed Extended Version/Edit the Shake]
New Dress [Album Version]
Two Minute Warning [Album Version/Live]
People Are People [Different Mix/ON-USound Remix]
Are People People? [Re-remix]

4: In De Mode (47:32) [44 Mb] Mixed 21/2 2000
Kaleid [Remix]
Sea of Sin [Sensoria]
The Policy of Truth [Pavlo's Dub]
World in My Eyes [Mode to Joy Mix]
Nothing [Dub]
Happiest Girl [Kiss-a-Mix]
The Policy of Truth [Trancentral Mix]
Rush [Nitrate Mix]
Enjoy the Silence [The Quad: Final Mix]
Everything Counts [T. Simenon/M. Saunders Remix]


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