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Delorean é uma banda espanhola de indie elctro pop com toques de alternative dance e balearic beat, formada em 2000 por Ekhi Lopetegi (vocal, bass), Tomas Palomo (guitar), Unai Lazcano (keyboard) e Igor Escudeo (drums). O quarteto passou a ganhar mais projeção com Ayrton Senna, EP de 2009 e com remixes para bandas como The xx, Cold Cave e Franz Ferdinand. Eles estão lançando seu quarto álbum, Subiza, via True Panther. O primeiro single é “Stay Close”.

MP3: Delorean - “Stay Close” [via matablog]

Video: Delorean - “Stay Close”
Directed by Weird Days.

Released: 9 March 2010

Barcelona's Delorean mine a territory between dance music and independent pop, producing a sound that is distinctly theirs. This is the record it took Delorean 10 years to evolve into, a fusion of dance music (including their native Spanish Balearic house) and contemporary pop music. The dance-club rhythms and airy melodies they've toyed with in the past are fused and textured, making for a deeply obsessive, hypnotic album that retains the easy appeal of great pop music. Looking at 30+ years of club music history with fresh eyes, Delorean have made an album that is dense and soulful. Our first listen to Subiza was exhilarating, every subsequent listen is a revelation.

1. "Stay Close"
2. "Real Love"
3. "Endless Sunset"
4. "Grow"
5. "Simple Graces"
6. "Infinite Desert"
7. "Come Wander"
8. "Warmer Places"
9. "It's All Ours"

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