Richard Youngs - “Love In The Great Outdoors” [MP3]

Richard Youngs está lançando um novo álbum, Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits, via Jagjaguwar. A primeira canção liberada é a bela “Love In The Great Outdoors”.

MP3: Richard Youngs - “Love In The Great Outdoors”

Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits
Released: 07/20/10

"Make a proper pop album."

Thus was the simple dare handed to Richard Youngs from his friend Andrew "Paz" Paine during their weekly Sunday meet-up. Ever the modest master, Youngs said in accepting this friendly challenge that he merely endeavored to capture the "beats and hooks" of contemporary pop. He's never attempted to disguise his gift for catchy musical phrases, though they may have come by way of careening, pleading, soothing or challenging multi-tracked voices.

We present the results here as Beyond The Valley Of Ultrahits. Among bright, hypnotic loops, Youngs' voice finds its inner Bowie. But let it be known: this collection of house-inspired gems displays much more than a capacity for pop emulation. It's a confirmation of Youngs' craft and prowess, no matter the terrain.

With enviable grace, experimental minimalist Youngs sets his sights on the pop world and claims it as his own. Youngs' heretofore unknown love of Pet Shop Boys and the Madchester sound is reimagined via his unique avant sensibility and atmospheric wand strokes. Originally released in 2009 as a very-limited CD-R on Paine's Sonic Oyster label, Jagjaguwar is honored to present Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits, remastered and on vinyl for the first time.


The Valley in Flight
Like a Sailor
Collapsing Stars
Love in the Great Outdoors
Still Life in Room
Oh Reality
Radio Innocents
Summer Void
A Storm of Light Ignites My Heart
Sun Points at the World

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