The Clientele - “Jerry” [MP3]

The Clientele, banda de Hampshire, Inglaterra, está para lançar um novo EP, Minotaur, previsto para o próximo mês de agosto via Merge Records e o primeiro quitute do disquinho é a canção “Jerry”.

MP3: The Clientele - “Jerry”

Minotaur is a thirty-minute mini album featuring eight new tracks from The Clientele. Limited to one thousand copies, Minotaur includes a spoken word piece by James Hornsey and a first in The Clientele’s canon: a track written by Mark Keen!

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+ MP3's:

MP3: The Clientele - An Hour Before The Light
[from A Fading Summer EP, 2000]

MP3: The Clientele - Reflections After Jane
[from Suburban Light, 2001]

MP3: The Clientele - Violet Hour
[from The Violet Hour, 2003]

MP3: The Clientele - E. M. P. T. Y.
[from Strange Geometry, 2005]

MP3: The Clientele - I Wonder Who We Are
[from Bonfires on the Heath, 2009]

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