Casiokids - “Finn Bikkjen!” / “Fot I Hose” / “En Vill Hest” [MP3s / VIDEOs]

Casiokids, banda de electro-pop, de Bergen, Noruega, formada por Ketil Kinden Endresen, Fredrik Øgreid Vogsborg, Omar Johnsen e Kjetil Bjøreid Aabø. Eles estão lançando o álbum Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar, via Polyvinyl Records, que está liberando “Fot I Hose” e “Finn Bikkjen!”, além de “En Vill Hest”.

MP3: Casiokids - “Finn Bikkjen!”

MP3: Casiokids - “Fot I Hose”

MP3: Casiokids - “En Vill Hest” [sg]

MP3: Casiokids - “En Vill Hest (Prins Thomas Remix)” [sg]

Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar
Released¹: 15 February 2010
Released²: 16 March 2010
Released³: 8 June 2010

Topp stemning på lokal bar (loosely translated to "Great vibe at local bar") features the type of addictive melodies, distinctive vocal harmonies and danceable pop hooks that translate flawlessly no matter where you're from. Spanning the widths and breadths of bass heavy pop, synthy dub and darker percussive club moments, Casiokids makes its music felt as much as heard.

The songs on Topp stemning på lokal bar were previously distributed in Europe via Moshi Moshi, both as part of the label’s renowned Singles Club and as a series of double A-sided 7"s. For this debut US release, all eight tracks have been re-mastered and are accompanied by a bonus disc of new material (including six remixes and two covers).

Hailing from the same celebrated Bergen scene that has produced Datarock and Annie, Casiokids were so-named for the beat-up old keyboards with which the band members first conceived their club-ready sound. Formed with the intention of making electronic music more visual, the band has since added guitar and drums to produce a collection of incredibly catchy tunes often sung in their native Norwegian and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop.

Discovered by former tourmates (and now labelmates) of Montreal, Casiokids put on a theatrical live show -- incorporating a blend of shadow puppets, video projections and animal costumes. Whether playing for the truly young (as during a 12-date kindergarten tour in Norway) or the young at heart (at almost all of Europe's largest festivals and on tour with Hot Chip), Casiokids generate the kind of unrestrained party mood that inevitably transforms any audience into a joyous, dancing mass.

1. Grønt lys i alle ledd
2. Fot i hose
3. Verdens største land
4. Finn bikkjen!
5. Min siste dag
6. En ville hest
7. Gomurmamma
8. Togens hule
9. Verdens største land (Velferd Remix)
10. Fot i hose (Captain Credible Mix)
11. Det snurrer (By Familjen, Casiokids remake)
12. Verdens største land (Captain Credible s Orchestral Stab Mix)
13. Fot i hose (Axemax & Big P Remix)
14. Hun er min venstre hånd (By James Yuill, Casiokids translation)
15. Fot i hose (Lo-Fi-Fnk Extension)
16. Verdens største land (Axemax & Big P Remix)

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