Blitzen Trapper: “Heaven and Earth” / “Dragon's Song” [MP3's]

Blitzen Trapper, sexteto de Portland, OR, que tem à frente Eric Earley, está lançando seu quinto álbum, Destroyer of the Void é mais um grande mergulho da banda na música norte-americana que se estende a partir do movimento folk dos anos 60 ao sons country dos anos 70, das baladas pop ao rock progressivo dos anos 80. E o novo álbum leva o Blitzen Trapper, mais do que nunca, com base na solidez da banda, ao familiar e ao fantástico, literalmente, criaram uma experiência sobrenatural. Dois grandes exemplos disso são as acachapantes “Dragon's Song” e “Heaven and Earth”.

MP3: Blitzen Trapper - Dragon's Song

MP3: Blitzen Trapper - Heaven and Earth

Blitzen Trapper
Destroyer of the Void
Released: June 8, 2010

Blitzen Trapper is based in Portland, OR. There are six of them in the band and they’ve been together since 2000. Over the course of their four full-length albums to date, including their revelatory 2008 Sub Pop release Furr, front man Eric Earley’s considerable poetic talents and his band’s hard-earned chops have gained them a growing international audience. The band’s continuing exploration of American music that spans from the ‘60s folk movement to the country sounds of the ’70s, to the pop balladry and prog rock of the ’80s has earned it notice ranging from Rolling Stone magazine to late-night network television to Yo Gabba Gabba, among a great many others. In January 2009 and again in January 2010, Earley and a few of his bandmates entered the attic studio of lauded Portland musician and studio engineer Mike Coykendall (Bright Eyes, M Ward, She & Him) to work on what would become Destroyer of the Void. And the resulting new album takes Blitzen Trapper further than ever before, building on the band’s seamless marriage of the familiar and the fantastic to, literally, create an otherworldly experience.


Destroyer of the Void
Laughing Lover
Below The Hurricane
The Man Who Would Speak True
Love and Hate
Heaven and Earth
Dragon's Song
The Tree (feat. Alela Diane)
Evening Star
Lover Leave Me Drowning
The Tailor

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