Luna is Honey - Copy Cats EP (2010)

Luna Is Honey - Copy Cats EP (2010)

1. Who Wouldn't
2. Rubies
3. Claws
4. A Mouthful
5. I Would Die 4 U [Prince cover]
6. Luce

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RELEASE: Luna is Honey has become a fixture in Los Angeles' burgeoning, increasingly diverse, and always progressive DIY music scene since their inception in 2006. Having played in various bands together since their pubescent days as goth teens who gradually transitioned into more melodic, more adult, less gaudily-stylized disillusionment, guitarist/vocalist Josh Crampton, drummer Amorn Bholsangngam, beatsmith/soundscape artist Jay Francisco (also known as jbts), and keyboardist Elijah Crampton (also known as E&E) joined forces once more to coalesce their love for punk intensity, pop sensibilities, jazz spontaneity, and dreamy sonic textures. The result is chaotic and beautiful at once, drawing from seemingly contradictory aesthetic sources to create a sound that is singular and harmonious. Having self-released two full-length albums on CD-R and cassette formats (2008's Rhino Sinners and 2009's Raptor Red), the group has crafted what may be their most accessible, most immediately enjoyable release yet. Copy Cats (available now) is a fine introduction to the world of Luna is Honey for those who have lived beyond the reaches of the L.A. music scene and the most accurate representation of the band as a formidable live entity. With bassist Tyler Binkley joining the ranks to round out the line-up, Luna is Honey is poised to do justice to all the things that influence their music -- from their beloved city, to their musical heroes (Prince, Elvis Costello, My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno, The Cure, to name a few), to their various pets, to their still-lingering affinity for all things dark -- perhaps making a few fingers snap, a few toes tap, and a few heads bob along the way.

* Baixe também o álbum: Luna is Honey - Raptor Red (2009)

1.7th & Witmer Blues
2.WLT(Wicked Little Thing)
3.Artless Zodiac
5.Harry Ray
6.Raptor Red
7.Still Killing Kreeps
8.Cryin' In The Club
9.Rhino Sinners
10.Tail End

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