Xuman - Panic [MP3]

MP3: Xuman - Panic

Xuman began to experiment with music when he was 8 years old, recording his father’s guitar with little Panasonic tape recorder and using elder brother’s voice as a vocal. Experiments don’t stop today too. But now it is held at the spacious professional studio with interesting people and true friends.

Xuman has been seeking his own sound experimenting with different genres of electronic music: house, minimal techno, electro, IDM. Since 1999 Alexander performed as a DJ a lot at Moscow clubs, was touring in Russia, played in Europe, was releasing dance tunes and was making remixes. In 2007 Xuman have understood that it’s enough for him to play a DJ role. New period has come — Alexander decided to dedicate his life to search of something true. He always liked rock aesthetics and though he was into dance culture, he was (and still is) a fan of The Beatles, The Doors and contemporary music — like Future Sound Of London.

Alexander has come to fully understanding of what “Xuman” project is. And now he records his first solo album. It is the album of musician who has something to say via language of music and songs. His music is modern, energetic, melodic and sometimes thoughtful. We can give names, but music, in which feelings and experience were put, doesn’t need that and therefore it is true music.

Besides his solo project Xuman participates in electronic trio The O and rock band Camel in Space, not to mention producing and supporting creativity of other artists of his own record label, whose music can be heard on Xuman Records’ “Tales” compilation, which is planned to be released in autumn 2009.

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