Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - “Even Heroes Have To Die” [MP3]

A sensacional Ted Leo & The Pharmacists está para lançar no próximo mês de março seu novo álbum, ‘The Brutalist Bricks’ está sendo comentado por quem já o ouviu nas internas como um grande trabalho desta banda de gente grande. E o primeiro tijolo desta nova fase é a sensacional “Even Heroes Have To Die”.

MP3: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - “Even Heroes Have To Die”

‘The Brutalist Bricks’ — available on LP, CD and via all popular digital storefronts March 9, 2010 — is one of those career-defining, “can you believe what you’re hearing?” kinda records that makes most other activity the day you first play it nearly impossible (in other words, we’re suggesting you shower before you open the package). Recorded through 2009 at Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge, ‘Bricks’ could be the most confident, kinetic and varied work in Ted’s canon, and considering his body of work until now, that’s no easy claim to make. If you’ve seen Ted/Rx at any point in the past year, you’ve probably heard a few of the songs before, but the final studio versions pack a considerable punch.

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