Meho Plaza - “Made of Gold” [MP3]

O trio californiano Meho Plaza está de volta com o novo EP Made of Gold, trazendo mais um punhado de canções quase inclassificáveis, barulho com uma infinidade de referências, como nota-se já na faixa-título. Experimente!

MP3: Meho Plaza - “Made of Gold”

After gaining an underground following due to their sold-out, limited-edition EPs, and critically acclaimed full length (S/T Better Looking Records), Meho Plaza is set to release their new, vinyl and digital-only EP, "Made Of Gold" on How To Fight Records.

Meho Plaza consists of keyboardist Jennifer Hwang, singer/guitarist Mike Thrasher and drummer James Connelly.

Their stripped down live performance has earned them significant critical praise; The Los Angeles Times has called the experience a "rush" and further described their unique sound as an "energetic yet oddly dreamy approach to synthesized minimalism."

The Los Angeles CityBeat describes Meho Plaza's music as "quirkily specific without being pointlessly obscure," demonstrating the band's off-the-beaten path approach to combining raw edges with smooth lyrics and melodies.

Pitchfork Media has featured tracks "The Beach" in the Infinite Mixtape Series and "I Sold My Organs" in the Forkcast.

This inspired new EP contains the warbly, disjointed yet majestic title track "Made Of Gold," a soaring psych-trash song called "The Weight Of An Object," the elegant desolation of "The Waves" and the thrillingly scuzzy punk "Impossible." All of which represent that unusual combination of slightly obtuse, creative, odd instrumental interplay and focused songwriting that has become the Meho Plaza trademark.

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