Fucked Up - Neat Parts [MP3]

O Fucked Up está lançando, em janeiro próximo, a compilação Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009, duplo que reúne lados A e B. O primeiro aperitivo é a ex-lado b Neat Parts, promovida agora à single.

MP3: Fucked Up - Neat Parts

“Neat Parts contains an acoustic guitar. The only thing you can do with a guitar that’s more embarrassing than sitting in a studio with headphones on playing an acoustic guitar, is riding the subway with one strapped to your back so everyone knows you are going to band practice. Otherwise this is a snappy little bside. The title doesn’t mean anything, it just sounds cool. I think we might have seen it written on the wall at our practice space. The drum beat from this song and ‘Teenage Problems’ is taken from the Undertones song ‘My Perfect Cousin.’”

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