Lefse Records Compilation

Lefse Records Compilation é uma ótima coleção de faixas que o selo Lefse Records, disponibilizou gratuitamente com artistas e bandas de seu cast. Divirta-se!

Lefse Records Compilation

1. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier - “Activism”
2. A Grave With No Name - “Open Water”
3. The Silent League - “Here’s a Star” {Neon Indian remix}
4. Emily Neveu - “Swallowing a Swallow”
5. Friend - “What Is It”
6. Calico Horse - “Ivory”
7. The Traditionist - “Three Legged Dog”
8. Giant Ears - “Fake Hotel”
9. Julian Lynch - “Two Babes in the Woods”
10. Julian Lynch - “Onward Flour”
11. Boddicker - “Your Smart”
12. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier - “Monuments”
13. Tape Deck Mountain - “In the Dirt”
14. Neon Indian - “Should Have Taken Acid With You”
15. Cuckoo Chaos - “Slowly Counting Down to Nothing”
16. Phaseone - “Marty & Sonietta”
17. Phaseone - “(Only) Reprise”
18. Sunnybrook - “Willow Whale”

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