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O Radiohead está lançando uma nova música na web, trata-se da canção "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)", homenagem a um veterano da Primeira Guerra Mundial que morreu em junho último aos 111 anos. A faixa foi composta por Thom Yorke e pode ser comprada na loja virtual da banda por £ 1, com o lucro dos downloads sendo revertido para a Royal British Legion, instituição de caridade voltada a ex-combatentes das forças militares do Reino Unido e suas famílias.

Thom Yorke compôs a música há quatro anos atrás, em 2005, após se impressionar com uma entrevista dada por Harry Patch, o último veterano vivo da Primeira Guerra Mundial, à rádio BBC. Com produção de Nigel Godrich, "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)" foi gravada recentemente, em Oxfordshire, onde os 'cabeças de rádio' preparam seu próximo álbum.

MP3: Radiohead - "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)"
"i am the only one that got through
the others died where ever they fell
it was an ambush
they came up from all sides
give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves
i've seen devils coming up from the ground
i've seen hell upon this earth
the next will be chemical but they will never learn"

Veja a nota original de Thom Yorke no site/blog do Radiohead:
Recently the last remaining UK veteran of the 1st world war Harry Patch died at the age of 111.
I had heard a very emotional interview with him a few years ago on the Today program on Radio4.
The way he talked about war had a profound effect on me.
It became the inspiration for a song that we happened to record a few weeks before his death.
It was done live in an abbey. The strings were arranged by Jonny.
I very much hope the song does justice to his memory as the last survivor.
It would be very easy for our generation to forget the true horror of war, without the likes of Harry to remind us.
I hope we do not forget.

As Harry himself said
"Irrespective of the uniforms we wore, we were all victims".

This morning the Today program played the song for the first time and now it is available to download from our website.

Please click here to download.

The proceeds of this song will go to the British Legion.

To peace and understanding.


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