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Vetiver é uma banda de indie folk americana encabeçada pelo cantor/compositor Andy Cabic. Completam o quinteto, Otto Hauser, Sarah Versprille, Daniel Hindman e Bob Parins. Sua música já foi descrita como 'surreal', 'tranqüilizadoramente agradável', 'terna e acessível', 'sutil e quente' etc. Eles estão lançando seu quarto álbum, Tight Knit. As primeiras canções liberadas são “Everyday” e “Strictly Rule”, belas como a banda já se habituou a fazer.

MP3: Vetiver - “Everyday”

MP3: Vetiver - “Strictly Rule”

Como bônus deste post, a canção “Miles Apart”, lado-b do single 7" Hey Doll Baby, de 2008.

MP3: Vetiver - “Miles Apart” (A.R. Kane)


Tight Knit
Released: February 17, 2009

Tight Knit is the fourth full-length album from Vetiver, singer/songwriter Andy Cabic’s ever-evolving musical home base. Luminous and surprising, Tight Knit unfolds like a road trip down Highway 1, towards Cabic’s home in San Francisco. It represents a summation of the different styles and directions heard on past Vetiver releases, while it introduces some unexpected twists. Recorded in Sacramento at The Hangar and in LA at Melva, Tight Knit was produced by longtime Vetiver collaborator Thom Monahan. Vetiver’s songs have been described as “dreamy, gentle songs that George Harrison would have written in some sunny country garden.” Happily, that element remains alive and well on Tight Knit, as evidenced in songs like album opener “Rolling Sea” and “Everyday.” The album also introduces new aspects of the band’s sound with the light bop of “Sister” and “On the Other Side,” and the faraway and ethereal “Down from Above” and “At Forest Edge.” Tight Knit is layered and rich, with subtleties and nuances that reveal themselves with repeated listening. While there’s also more immediate gratification than on past Vetiver releases, Tight Knit is an album that rewards your attention.

Rolling Sea
Through the Front Door
Down from Above
On the Other Side
More of This
Another Reason to Go
Strictly Rule
At Forest Edge

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