Red Light Company

Red Light Company é uma banda formada na Londres de 2007 por Richard Frenneaux (Vox, Guitar), Shawn Day (Bass, Vox), Paul Mellon (Guitar), Chris Edmonds (Keys, Vox) e James Griffiths (Drums). O som da banda é basicamente 'indie/alternative rock' e eles vem recebendo comparações à bandas como The Editors, Interpol, Arcade Fire... Eles estão lançando, depois de alguns singles, seu primeiro álbum, Fine Fascination, que está previsto para o dia 2 de março próximo, vem sendo elogiado por algumas prestigiadas publicações. Outra coisa muito bacana da banda são suas capas, que parecem seguir uma linha entre os primeiros singles e seu álbum de estréia, uma série de fotos de jovens amantes. Vale conferir.

MP3: Red Light Company - Arts & Crafts [mp3/rs]

MP3: Red Light Company - With Lights Out [+mp3]
MP3: Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene
MP3: Red Light Company - Meccano
MP3: Red Light Company - With Lights Out

MP3: Red Light Company - Fine Fascination
MP3: Red Light Company - Sinking Ship

Video: Red Light Company - Arts & Crafts

Red Light Company were formed in 2007. Richard Frenneaux (vocals/guitar) was born in England and spent his formative years in Australia and New Zealand. Shawn Day (bass) is from Wyoming, the least populated state in America, but was born in Osaka, Japan. James Griffiths (drums) is from Bridgend in Wales, Paul Mellon (guitar) is from Motherwell in Scotland and Chris Edmonds (keyboards) is from Maidenhead.

Richard and Shawn met on the Internet after Shawn saw an advert posted by Rich. It was Tuesday afternoon, the band had a gig in London on the Friday, Shawn heard future single Scheme Eugene and emailed Richard “I want to play my bass in London. I don't f*ck around.” Richard replied immediately and Shawn made immediate preparations to fly to London. Upon arrival, Shawn was unable to provide proof of sufficient funds for his intended length of stay in the UK and was detained for six hours at Gatwick. The immigration officer finally agreed for the band to meet with Shawn, specifying he catch the first flight back to America the following morning. Shawn adds “We all jumped into the van and had an unplugged audition and then onto the pub where Richard and I both agreed there would be no guitar solos. The next day I flew back to America. A long month passed in Wyoming, I sold everything I owned before my visa was finally approved and I returned to the U.K for round two.”

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