Astropop 3 + Linda Draper + Michael Barrett: Planting Seeds Records Live At The 2004 Athens Popfest!

Planting Seeds Records Live At The 2004 Athens Popfest é um iteresante EP com seis faixas de três bandas/artistas do selo Planting Seeds Records, Astropop 3, Linda Draper e Michael Barrett no festival anual do selo em Athens em 2004. O EP foi lançado exclusivamente na web em 9 de maio de 2006 pelo selo para free download e foi produzido e gravado por Steve Frank.

A web Exclusive once considered for limited pressing but at the last minute pulled. The EP was to be released in conjunction with the 2005 Athens Popfest, but with interest for the project essentially non existent, the release was shelved. The EP was recorded via soundboard between the 40 Watt Club and Tasty World by Steve Frank who also managed to film and document the event. Perhaps a documentary is in the works... The Sleeve design (By Steve Frank) was Planting Seeds' homage to the great Blue Note LP covers of the 1960's.

Track Listing:
1. Astropop 3 - Lost In A Dream
2. Astropop 3 - Angel Like
3. Michael Barrett - Cannon Beach
4. Michael Barrett - Everything Is White
5. Linda Draper - The Priest Who Looked Like Elvis
6. Linda Draper - Colorblind

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