16 New MP3 Songs (from Kill Rock Stars)

Temos aqui, 16 canções dos mais recentes lançamentos do selo independente Kill Rock Stars, que tem em seu cast bandas altamente recomendáveis: Deerhoof, Gossip, Numbers, Xiu Xiu... e principalmente, Elliott Smith, um dos preferidos da casa, com "High Times" do segundo álbum póstumo, "New Moon" duplo que vale cada centavo, da primeira à última canção.

MP3 Sounds:
1. Numbers - Mind Hole (from Now You Are This)
2. They Shoot Horses Don't They - A Place Called LA (from Pick Up Sticks)
3. Mary Timony Band - Sharpshooter (from The Shapes We Make)
4. Elliott Smith - High Times (from New Moon)
5. Gold Chains - Hello From Eau Claire (from Remixed & Covered)
6. Kid 606 - Fabulous Muscles (from Remixed & Covered)
7. Barr - The Song is the Single (from Summary)
8. Deerhoof - +81 (from Friend Opportunity)
9. Macromantics - Scorch (from Moments in Movement)
10. The Punks - Untitled (Part 1) (from Unanimous Bangers)
11. Bitch - Unstick (from Make This/Break This)
12. Xiu Xiu - Boy Soprano (from The Air Force)
13. Two Ton Boa - Cash Machine (from Parasiticide)
14. Slumber Party - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4 (from Musik)
15. Hella - Biblical Violence (from Acoustics)
16. Gossip - Listen Up! (from Listen Up!)

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