Tapes 'n Tapes - 8 Songs

O Tapes 'n Tapes foi formado em Minneapolis, faz indie rock, mais especificamente, experimental indie pop e é um típico sucesso surgido na grande rede. Para quem gosta de Pavement, Pixies, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah...

1. Insistor (the loon lp, 2006)
2. Cowbell (the loon lp, 2006)
3. Omaha (the loon lp, 2006)
4. Beach Girls (tapes 'n tapes ep, 2004)
5. Icedbergs (tapes 'n tapes ep, 2004)
6. '50s Parking (tapes 'n tapes ep, 2004)
7. Frankfurt (outtake from the EP recording sessions)
8. The Futon Fire (old demo)


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