Rilo Kiley - San Francisco, CA, June 18, 2005

Rilo Kiley é a banda base e de orígem das muito badaladas bandas The Elected e Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins. Eis uma grande performance da banda na Califórnia no ano passado.

01. It's a Hit
02. Hail to Whatver You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You
03. Portions For Foxes
04. Paint's Peeling
05. I Never
06. Pull Me in Tighter
07. So Long
08. More Adventurous
09. Ripchord
10. With Arms Outstretched
11. The Execution of All Things
12. Wires and Waves
13. Love And War (11/11/46)
14. The Good That Won't Come Out
15. Pictures of Success
16. Does He Love You? / Jam
17. (Intermission)
18. Spectacular Views
19. Let My Love Open the Door (Pete Townsend Cover)

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