Startime Records

Tem muita música boa na Startime Records, Tom Vek e dios (malos) são altamente recomendáveis.

The Duke Spirit: Cuts Across The Land
Tom Vek: I Aint Saying My Goodbyes
dios (malos): Feels Good Being Somebody
The Joggers: Era Prison
Foreign Born: We Had Pleasure
French Kicks: Following Waves

The Duke Spirit: Cuts Across The Land (Windows Media: High / Lo)
Tom Vek: Nothing But Green Lights (Windows Media: High / Lo)
dios (malos): I Want It All (Windows Media)
The Joggers: Hot Autism (Quicktime)
French Kicks: The Trial of The Century
dios (malos) : All Is Said And Done (Quicktime)

Tom Vek: We Have Sound
dios (malos): S/T
The Joggers: With A Cape And A Cane

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