John Lydon - Psycho's Path Tour - LA, The Palace 13th August '97

John Lydon representa uma das páginas mais importantes da história do rock, suas Sex Pistols e Public Image Ltd influenciaram meio mundo.

Psycho's Path Tour - LA, The Palace 13th August '97
1. Sun (4.17 mins) (4 mb)
2. Armies (3.26 mins) (3.2 mb)
3. Rise (7.00 mins) (6.5 mb)
4. Stump (5.42 mins) (5.3 mb)
5. Dis-Ho (6.11 mins) (5.7 mb)

Rare Tracks…
1. Another Way (Rough Mix) (5.49 mins) (5.3 mb) Pre-1997 unreleased "Rough Mix" of 'Another Way' played by John on 'Rotten Radio' in April 2000.
2. PiL - Order of Death (Blair Witch Mix) (3.55 mins) (3.7 mb) A unique 1999 mix of 'Order of Death' featuring dialogue from the movie mixed into the track.
3. Blacksmoke Rising (5.30 mins) (5.1 mb) Commercialy unreleased Blacksmoke track featuring John Lydon on guest vocals (used without his knowledge or consent). Broadcast during a BBC Radio 1 'Breezeblock' session in September 2003.

Bootlegging The Bootleggers… !
1. Musique Concrete - Third Edition (2.52 mins) (2.7 mb) PiL - Careering v Neneh Cherry - Buffalo StanceMash up remix bootleg by Musique Concrete, released as limited edition bootleg 10" single in 2002.
2. Soundhog - Public Demons (2.54 mins) (2.7 mb) PiL - Public Image v Macy Gray - DemonsMash up remix bootleg by Soundhog. Originally broadcast as part of a BBC Radio Wales session in November 2002.
3. Go Home Productions - PiL's, Thrills & Britneyache (3.20 mins) (3.1 mb) PiL - Socialist v Britney / Madonna - Me Against The Music!Mash up remix bootleg by Go Home Productions, who also did the Pistols v Madonna 'Ray of Gob' & 'Submusic' mash ups.
4. IDC - Freedom is Coming - Death Disco (3.14 mins) (3 mb) PiL - Death Disco v Bishop Desmond Tutu!IDC remix featuring PiL's 'Death Disco' along with samples of Bishop Desmond Tutu! Never given any release this mix is only used at IDC DJ sets.

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