Depeche Mode - Violated

Versão remixada não oficial do álbum "Violator", possivelmente, o melhor trabalho do Depeche Mode.

1. World In My Eyes (4:04) (Game0ver feat. Holestar Cover)
2. Sweetest Perfection (4:29) (Fettdog "Sweetest Imperferfection" Mashup)
3. Personal Jesus (4:16) (Dsico feat. Adrian Roberts Cover)
4. Halo (4:50) (Jimmi Jammes "Violated Halo" Mashup)
5. Waiting For The Night (5:08) (JoolsMF Cover)
6. Enjoy The Silence (6:46) (Andreas Churchill's "Violated" Mix)
7. Policy of Truth (4:41) (Bumtschak "Policy of Alcatraz" Mashup)
8. Blue Dress (4:00) (ATOM's "Short Skirt" mix)
9. Clean (5:17) (Solcofn Mashup)

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